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Dr. Kent Brooks and his staff are dedicated to taking care of your oral health, from cleanings that make your teeth sparkle to corrective procedures that restore your mouth’s overall health. At Willow Dental Care Garrison we emphasize personalized dentistry – that means we’re here to help you understand the wide range of options available to meet your dental needs – at a price you can afford.

Our team of skilled professionals is committed to the highest standards of dental care and to ensuring that every patient leaves our office with a bright and healthy smile. Whether you just need regular cleanings and checkups or you have a more complex dental problem, the staff at Willow Dental Care Garrison will ensure that you are well cared for, whether it is an emergency or a routine appointment.

Don’t wait any longer to consult with an experienced Chilliwack dentist? Call Willow Dental Care Garrison at (604) 846-1150 or complete our simple online form to schedule a consultation. We’re dedicated to providing you with affordable, top-quality dental care.

If you’re looking for a highly-trained dentist in Chilliwack you’ve come to the right place. Dr. Brooks offers dentistry that Chilliwack residents have come to trust for the highest quality dental care.

Dr. Kent Brooks

Dr. Kent Brooks

Dr. Kent Brooks, General Dentist, is a dentist specializing in advanced cosmetic dentistry. He has a DMD from the University of Saskatchewan and certification in many advanced cosmetic and dental subfields from the Las Vegas Institute of Advanced Dental Studies and the Esthetic Skin Institute in Boca Raton, Florida. He was trained in Botox and dermal fillers by Dr. Ralph Bieg at the Physician Skincare Centre in Vancouver. He has 18 years of experience with Botox injections and 15 years of experience with Filler injections.

In practice since 1991, Dr. Brooks possesses the experience and knowledge to ensure that your Botox experience is safe and effective.

In the last 5 years Dr. Brooks has accumilated over 450 hours of continuing education with emphasis on natural cosmetic reconstruction and implant dentistry. Have branched into Botox cosmetics and filler reconstruction. He trained in University of Saskatchewan.

Dr. Brooks is happily married and the proud father to his son Decklan.

Credentials and Memberships:

Dental Organization for Conscious Sedation
Canadian Dental Association
College of Dental Surgeons of British Columbia

Dr. Felix Zhang

Dr. Felix Zhang

Dr. Felix Zhang, General Dentist, is well-known for his experience at Sierra Dental in Calgary, Alberta.

Dr. Zhang received his undergraduate and masters degree in dentistry and oral surgery in China, where he practiced as an oral surgeon for five years before moving to Canada. He continued his studies at UBC where he received his PhD in Oral Health Sciences (2000) as well as an additional degree at the University of Alberta in 2005! Grandview Corners Dental are thrilled about Dr. Zhang joining the team given his expertise in all aspects of dentistry, with special skills and interests in difficult extractions including wisdom teeth, implants, tissue grafts, gum surgery and root canal therapy.

Dr. Zhang is one of few dentists in the Lower Mainland certified to safely administer IV sedation to his patients who may require it. Along with the Grandview Corners Dental team Felix shares a strong belief in providing quality dentistry with a gentle touch.

Dr. Ron Melnyk

Dr. Ron Melnyk

Dr. Ron Melnyk, General Dentist, graduated from the University of Saskatchewan in 1979. He practiced for seven years in Midland, Ontario after which he relocated to Vancouver. He recalls this as a significant memory for his family as it was the summer of Expo ’86. In November that year he began working at Coast Dental Centre, and by March 1987, he had purchased the practice.

Dr. Melnyk has always focused on having a family practice and staying on the leading edge of technological advances in dentistry. Coast Dental Centre was one of the first offices in Canada to become truly “paperless”. The practice has also remained current with advances in laser-assisted dentistry, digital radiography, and most recently Itero digital impressions for crowns and bridges and Periowave to treat and maintain many gum diseases that would otherwise need more costly treatment with a specialist.

Dr. Melnyk has continued his education and development as a professional dentist in temporomandibular joint disfunction(TMJ) and orthodontics. He has offered full orthodontic treatment to his patients since 1987, and has completed over 1500 cases. He continues to attend F.O.R.C.E. study group sessions to maintain and advance his knowledge in orthodontics. Cosmetic dentistry is also a major interest for Dr. Melnyk, and he has taken measures to stay current in advances to material and technique. For all intents and purposes, Coast Dental is “metal-free,” no longer using amalgam fillings and making crowns and bridges without the use of metal. He is also very competent in root canal therapy, having completed over 10,000 cases in his long career. Employing the latest in rotary technology for root canal treatment, the result is more predictable and faster than previously applied technology.

First and foremost, Dr. Melnyk is very proud of his accomplished staff. His administration staff has been with him for 15 to 20 years, and his assistants for over 20 years. That’s loyalty!

He looks forward to serving your dental needs.

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Willow Dental Care Garrison is proudly owned by Dr. Pierre Vigneault and Dr. Amin Shivji.

About The Willow Dental Care Network

Willow Dental Care has been around for close to 20 years (but with combined dental experience of almost 100 years).

Each Willow Dental Care office is staffed with highly trained and up to date dentists. But what Willow Dental Care is really proud of is our training in client service. We understand that going to the dentist isn’t the most enjoyable activity on your to do list. But our staff is trained to make the experience as calm and relaxing as possible. How about an office that truly listens to your past experiences or how sensitive your teeth really are? Imagine someone who understands that you can’t stand something in your mouth or that you just don’t freeze well. Whether you simply just don’t enjoy going to the dentist, or you truly fear the experience, Willow Dental Care has got your back.

Willow Dental Care offers free telephone consultations, so that you will be fully prepared as what to expect when you come in for an appointment. If your fear, or your child’s fear is overwhelming, all our offices are fully certified and trained in Conscious Sedation with pre and post appointment support.

As general dental offices that offer all the range of family and cosmetic services having a happy safe environment is always a better choice. This is good news for high fear patients but also good news for everyone in the family.

Now you can chose a Willow Dental Care office in Chilliwack, Abbotsford, Langley, Vancouver or Westend Vancouver.

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