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You have probably heard about the big, bad root canal and its reputation for being a painful general dental procedure. While a root canal is more invasive than a typical filling, we want to assure you that Willow Dental Care Garrison has the tools and expertise to make your root canal experience as comfortable as possible.

What is a Root Canal?

A root canal is a dental procedure that involves clearing out bacteria and infected tissue that has infiltrated the tooth pulp. This sensitive inner tooth structure contains the tooth’s nerve endings, which is why anesthesia is administered to ensure you don’t feel a thing. It may seem like a daunting procedure, but our compassionate dental team will keep you as comfortable as possible throughout the procedure.

When Do You Need a Root Canal?

A root canal is required when an infection, usually caused by an untreated cavity, deteriorates the tooth enamel down to the tooth root. The tooth root is home to the extremely sensitive tooth pulp, which is where the pain comes from due to all the nerve endings at the tooth’s core. When a cavity infiltrates the tooth root, a root canal is necessary to fully clear out the infection before a filling can be placed. Once the infection has been removed, the affected area can be filled using composite resin to protect the hole from further damage.

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