The Real Beauty Sleep

What if you could just have a wonderful nap and when you woke, all the things you’ve always wanted to fix in your smile has been accomplished? Wouldn’t that be a dream? No awkward small talk or pretending to watch terrible daytime TV while they work. You simply relax and probably go to sleep and when you wake your teeth are just what you’ve always wanted.

You can! Conscious Sedation is an effective way to sleep through your dental appointment and wake bright and refreshed and ready to enjoy your beautiful smile. Yes it’s used effectively by people with dental anxiety, but why should they have all the convenience of a sedation dental visit? You don’t need to have dental anxiety to enjoy a sedation session. You can often get a lot of work done all at once. Work that would often be spread over multiple visits can be all done in one sedation session.

So let’s say you haven’t been to the dentist in a long time or you might have some dental anxiety, either way Conscious Sedation will make a long dental appointment seem like nothing. Did you know that cavities, crowns, veneers and even dental cleaning can be done under sedation? Why be awake for all that?

Now you’re saying to yourself this doesn’t pertain to me. I visit my dentist biannually and brush my teeth twice a day, but I would like to make a few adjustments to my smile…like those couple of teeth that you wish were a little whiter or slightly chipped. You can book with your dentist to have Conscious Sedation during your regular dental visit and have those teeth bonded or veneers prepared. You’ll wake up with that perfect smile you’ve been dreaming of.
It’s a simple process of using a safe medication. You’ll be relaxed and often asleep but in control of the entire session. The process can be reversed immediately with a reversal agent. Generally most people won’t remember a thing. That’s the Conscious part of the sedation. You’ll want to check that your dentist is trained by Doctors of Conscious Sedation. A very strict protocol is required in the training to ensure a safe and successful session. You should be hooked up to a monitoring system that shows pulse and the oxygen level in your blood throughout your entire treatment session. The offices should have all the safety equipment such as the defibrillator and reversal agent, the EpiPen for allergic reactions checked and updated yearly. This way you know all the safety precautions will be taken.
After your session, you’ll be a little groggy so it’s best if someone comes to pick you up. You should not drive or do anything strenuous for several hours. The beauty of this system is not just how safe it is but when it wears off there are no after effects…no headaches no residual nausea! Other than that you should have all your dental work done and be ready to take on the day!

So what are you waiting for? Contact your dentist and discuss your Conscious Sedation options, and book all that work to be done. You’ll look and feel great!